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Family members

Care for your Kids, Parents, Siblings, Pets etc. Add them as your family members and manage their complete health information from your account. You can maintain their records electronically which can be used for future references. Don't worry about records being destroyed. When family members wants to handle their profile independently then segregate it from yours. This goes generation to generation, in current scenario no kids knows about their ancestor, maintaining records of them will help them to know their family tree and their Medical, Sports, Wellness backgrounds.

Hide me

Feeling nasty or donít want to reveal your identity, at that time hide feature comes handy. You can post health experiences, life style concerns, confessions without disclosing your identity.


Maintaining Medical,Sports and Wellness data is a tedious job, for your rescue we have introduced "Records" which works as your health diary, maintains your health records and helps in tracking your wellness. (Store your prescription,Photos,videos,achievements and all kinds of data safe with privacy) Share data with your loved ones so they can give you suggestions. Records may come handy in emergency situations as well. Madmorning helps you to maintain your Medical,Sports and Wellness history. Create once and access it anytime and anywhere.


Busy with your work schedule no time to visit your expert, thinking to consult someone ? No problem madmorning helps you to connect with experts, get advices directly to your querries and records. Users also can provide advice because their experiences also counts to form a healthier and sportier world.

Expert user

Experienced persons will share their contents which has the power to influence the readers choice and help users with their questions and Medical,Sports,Wellness concerns. Experts can provide the best Medical,Sports,Wellness advice and their outcomes. For Regular users advices from trusted Experts will lead for their better decisions.


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